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[Scons-users] SCons Version 3.0.3 Released

On Jan 7, 2019, at 21:26, Bill Deegan wrote:

>   A new SCons release, 3.0.3, is now available on the SCons download page:
>           https://scons.org/pages/download.html
>   Here is a summary of the changes since 3.0.1:

It would have been good to mention the changes since 3.0.2, which are:

RELEASE 3.0.3 - Mon, 07 Jan 2019 20:05:22 -0400
  NOTE: 3.0.2 release was dropped because there was a packaging bug. Please consider all 3.0.2

  From William Deegan:

    - Fixes to packaging logic.  Ensuring the SCons.Tool.clangCommon module is added
      to the release packages.
    - Modify scons.bat script to check for scons python script without .py extension if no file
      scons.py exists. This enables an all platform wheel to work.

  From Mats Wichmann:
    - Update doc examples to work with Python 3.5+:  map() now returns an iterable instead of a list.

See https://github.com/SCons/scons/blob/rel_3.0.3/src/CHANGES.txt