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AW: Unrecognised Arguments


you use the `--lang` option wrongly. Fails:

$ twitterscraper -bd 2015-01-01 -ed 2016-01-01 ?lang en
usage: twitterscraper [-h] [-o OUTPUT] [-l LIMIT] [-a] [-c] [-u] [--lang LANG]
                      [-d] [-bd] [-ed] [-p]
twitterscraper: error: unrecognized arguments: en


$ twitterscraper -bd 2015-01-01 -ed 2016-01-01 ?-lang=en

INFO: queries: ['?-lang=en since:2015-01-01 until:2015-01-19', '?-lang=en since:2015-01-19 until:2015-02-06', '?-lang=en since:2015-02-06 until:2015-02-24', '?-lang=en since:2015-02-24 until:2015-03-15', '?-lang=en since:2015-03-15 until:2015-04-02', '?-lang=en since:2015-04-02 until:2015-04-20', '?-lang=en since:2015-04-20 until:2015-05-08', '?-lang=en since:2015-05-08 until:2015-05-27', '?-lang=en since:2015-05-27 until:2015-06-14', '?-lang=en since:2015-06-14 until:2015-07-02', '?-lang=en since:2015-07-02 until:2015-07-20', '?-lang=en since:2015-07-20 until:2015-08-08', '?-lang=en since:2015-08-08 until:2015-08-26', '?-lang=en since:2015-08-26 until:2015-09-13', '?-lang=en since:2015-09-13 until:2015-10-01', '?-lang=en since:2015-10-01 until:2015-10-20', '?-lang=en since:2015-10-20 until:2015-11-07', '?-lang=en since:2015-11-07 until:2015-11-25', '?-lang=en since:2015-11-25 until:2015-12-13', '?-lang=en since:2015-12-13 until:2016-01-01']
INFO: Querying ?-lang=en since:2015-01-01 until:2015-01-19
INFO: Querying ?-lang=en since:2015-01-19 until:2015-02-06

Take a look at https://github.com/taspinar/twitterscraper#22-the-cli for details.


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Betreff: Re: Unrecognised Arguments

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been running twitterscraper yesterday with no real problems encountered. I came home and tried to run a twitterscraper command in cmd ? without success.

It said the following for these arguments: -bd 2015-01-01 -ed 2016-01-01 ?lang en unrecognised.


Fergal Bell

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