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Unrecognised Arguments

fergalbell Bell <fergalbell at gmail.com> writes:
> I have been running twitterscraper yesterday with no real problems encountered. I came home and tried to run a twitterscraper command in cmd $(G!9(B without success.
> It said the following for these arguments: -bd 2015-01-01 -ed 2016-01-01 $(G!9(Blang en unrecognised.

That we can help you effectively, we usually need the exact call and the error
message -- in possible obtained via cut&paste.

What you provided above might indicate that the program
saw a single argument ("-bd 2015-01-01 -ed 2016-01-01 $(G!9(Blang en")
rather then a sequence of arguments. Potentially because you
have enclosed the arguemnt in quotes?
If this is not the case, come back with the exact command
and error message.