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Error Python version 3.6 does not support this syntax.

On 11/27/2018 7:50 AM, srinivasan wrote:
> Dear Python Experts,
> As still I am newbie and learning python, I am trying to reuse the
> Bluetoothctl wrapper in Python from the link (
> https://gist.github.com/egorf/66d88056a9d703928f93

Created in 2015

> ) I am using python3.6
> version, In pycharm editor on the bold highlighted code snippets I see the
> error message "Python version 3.6 does not support this syntax.",

No version of Python 3 supports the the old exception statement syntax.
Python 2.7, released in 2010, supports both the old and the new syntax. 
I am not sure about 2.6 and before.  It is odd to me that someone would 
use both the new print syntax and old except syntax together in 2015.

> Could you please how help me how the below highlighted lines of code can be
> can be ported to python3.6 version?
> *        except BluetoothctlError, e:*

If you run the code through the lib2to3 converter it will change ', ' to 
' as '.  I have not

> Full Code snippet:

Not needed, however start_scan and make_discoverable are a bit flakey.
As written, out is discarded making the assignment to out useless and 
the 'return None' redundant (since the function always returns None).  I 
suspect that this is a bug.

>      def start_scan(self):
>          """Start bluetooth scanning process."""
>          try:
>              out = self.get_output("scan on")
>          except BluetoothctlError, e:
                 print(e)                return None

Terry Jan Reedy