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[ANN] Biovarase ver 2.8

Biovarase has been updated to version 2.8

Biovarase is an application to manage clinical quality control data.

The purpose of Quality Control Assurance in a clinical laboratory is to allow the control of the performances of an analytical procedure showing an alarm as soon as the trial doesn't result in the degree to respect the defined analytical rules. Biovarase furthermore calculates the classical statistical parameters for the quality control assurance ,e.g. sd, cv%, avg, and even the Imp(%), Bias(%) and TEa (total allowable error) using data retrived from: Current databases on biologic variation: pros, cons and progress Scand J Clin Lab Invest 1999;59:491-500. updated with the most recent specifications made available in 2014.
It uses even the famous Westgard's rules to monitor results dataset.
All the data are managed by SQLite database and matplotlib.

Biovarase requires

    Python =>3.5

last changelog


Change the redrew mechanism, now Biovarase doesn't rebuild the graph from scratch when you select a batch, but update only the data.

Add Quick Data Analysis function on the menu to analyze the last dataset for every test and relative bacth.

Add histogram to plot frequency distribution of a dataset.

Some minor refactoring on main.py code.

We deserve an updating to version 2.8. ;)

All source code on


thank you for reading.