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py2exe, program has stoped working!?

On Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 4:52:06 PM UTC+3, skan... at yahoo.se wrote:
> so i used py2exe and i have the build and the dist-folders.
> in the distfolder there is a Calculator.exe file.
> when i run it it just says "Calculator.exe has stopped working" in a
> popup but the program itself never shows up.
> wtf!?
> and when im distributing my program i have to include both catalogues
> right?

Hello there, i have the same issue with an executable that i created recently. My code has been written with python 2.7 / Windows 8.1 / Tkinter / py2exe.  I also hadn't any problems when i run the code via my source code console, but when i convert it in ".exe" file it would not work. After a lot of search i am still unable to find what is exactly the problem, but i have a serious suspect that might help you. Well my script is about a simple parse of information from Url sites. In case when i parse information from an "http://"; website i have no problem at all and my executable is running perfectly, but in case when i try to parse from an "https://"; website it stop working. This issue is causing by a python SSL certificate check. In my source code it gave me back error messages, but after some search in Google i found some ways to suppress and disable the SSL certification checks and also hide all error messages in console and it is running fine now in console even in "https://"; parses, but it seems in executable format it still gives me the "stop working" message.

Note: My dialog windows text box of Tkinter, where i insert the URL information are appearing normally without any problems while i run the ".exe" file, but stops working right after this. So i suspect 1) there might be a simple error message that causing the application to stop working, or 2) There might be a need for some extra ".dll" files to be excludes on creation of the executable in setup.py that py2exe uses and then manually copy/paste them in the same directory of your ".exe. file.