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question on the 'calendar' function

On 21/11/2018 12:27, o1bigtenor wrote:

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> What I need is to be able to have more than one calendar year options and this
> function seems to be limited to work with a maximum of only one year at a time.
> If I not reading the documentation correctly - - - please advise.
> (Thanking you for your generous assistance in the foregoing!)
> Regards
You need to write a program (in Python) to do that using the methods in 
the calendar module.

HINT: print out the calendar for each month you are interested in and 
use a loop of some kind to generate the year/month data to feed to 
calendar methods from a starting and stopping date.

There will be many other ways of doing this but a solution that works, 
even if ugly, is better than no solution.