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Extend NTFS with "version" of file and "version" of folder, also optionally GIT integration or something like it.

Described also as:

(Versioning System Integration with Windows Explorer)


Googling NTFS and GIT turned up this:


The objective of this project seems to be a bit different. To handle very large projects.

Which in itself is great. But for small projects like mine this is perhaps somewhat overkill.

But the people working on this project do have some experience integrating GIT with a file system and creating some virtual file system.

I highly recommend Microsoft to expand these kinds of projects massively or to expand this project in a big way and to involve Windows Explorer programmers to get on on this action and to expand windows explorer to also work with this file system and versioning system and to perhaps provide some slight new features for windows explorer to work in tandem with such a new file system.

I want something like this to be usuable for small projects too

Perhaps it's already usuable not sure... would be nice if this software could be made available for windows 7, only microsoft sort out the troubles with windows 10 updates ;)

I think this continous windows 10 updating approach might be a bit too much for people to handle.

Perhaps it's better to have an older version and a new version, so people don't be bother with new version f*ck ups.

I sure don't have to to mess with windows updates and troubles, except very urgent security fixes.