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What Python related git pre-commit hooks are you using?

On 2018-11-18, Malcolm Greene <python at bdurham.com> wrote:
> Curious to learn what Python related git pre-commit hooks people are
> using? What hooks have you found useful and which hooks have you tried
> and abandoned? Appreciate any suggestions for those new to this process.
> Background: Window, macOS, and Linux dev environments, PyCharm professional edition IDE, 64-bit Python 3.6, private Github repos. Considering black (standardize formatting), pylamas (multiple static code tests) and possibly a hook into our pytest test runner.

I wrote the following pre-commit hook, which is fairly specific to my
requirements but also fairly easy to customize. It (configurably)
checks text-type files for tabs, trailing whitespace and non-Unix
line endings, python files for syntax and with flake8 and pylint,
and JavaScript files with 'standard'. It works with Python 2 or 3.