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bottledaemon stop/start doesn't work if killed elsewhere

On 2018-11-18 17:50, Adam Funk wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using bottledaemon to run a little REST service on a Pi that takes
> input from other machines on the LAN and stores stuff in a database.
> I have a cron job to call 'stop' and 'start' on it daily, just in case
> of problems.
> Occasionally the oom-killer runs overnight and kills the process using
> bottledaemon; when this happens (unlike properly stopping the daemon),
> the pidfile and its lockfile are left on the filesystem, so the 'stop'
> does nothing and the 'start' gets refusedq because the old pidfile and
> lockfile are present.  At the moment, I eventually notice something
> wrong with the output data, ssh into the Pi, and rm the two files then
> call 'start' on the daemon again.
> Is there a recommended or good way to handle this situation
> automatically?
Could you write a watchdog daemon that checks whether bottledaemon is 
running, and deletes those files if it isn't (or hasn't been for a while)?