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[Tutor] Unable to get the gateway IP of wlan interface using python code

On Tue, Nov 13, 2018, srinivasan wrote:
>Dear Python Experts,
>*First method:*
>I need to get the IP address basically the gateway IP in my setup I get it
>as "" when I run the below standalone python code.
>*    def get_gateway_ip(self):*
>*        """*
>*            Get the IP address to the WIFI module from the AP*
>*        """*
>*        cmd = 'ip route show <> dev wlp1s0 | cut
>-d\  -f3'*
>*        f = os.popen(cmd)*
>*        return str(f.read().strip())*

This command should get the gateway IP.

Linux: cmd = "ip route list | awk '/^default/{print $3}'"

or perhaps

Linux: cmd = "netstat -rn | awk '/^{print $2}'"

OSX: cmd = "netstat -rn | awk '/^default/{print $2}'"

I don't have a freebsd system available to test this, but I think
this pattern should work:


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