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Anyone running Python on MS Azure?

The python azure lib that MS maintains wraps all Azure services like boto3
does for AWS. However, be prepared for constant changes that are
incompatible across versions. They do provide a mechanism for you to stick
with an API version for backwards compatibility that allows an upgrade of
the python module while keeping with the interfaces you use.

The main problem I've had with Azure is not the python module, it's the
reliability of the services themselves. Be prepared for endless retries and
moments in which you've made a change that service accepted, but doesn't
actually take effect for a long time (several mins to half hour). You'll
also receive sporadic internal error responses from the servers when making
API calls.

Services I use almost daily: spin up, manage (including remote execution)
and destroy compute and network resources (including express route, virtual
gateways and connections).

Hope this helps.-

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018, 7:44 PM Malcolm Greene <python at bdurham.com> wrote:

> Curious to hear if any of you are running Python scripts/apps on MS
> Azure cloud services? What services are you using and what has your
> experience been? Advice?
> Background: Customer migrating to Azure. I'm trying to get ahead of the
> curve regarding how Python-friendly the Azure platform is.
> Thanks!
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