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distribute python interpreter and dependencies

this is my first mail. I resorted to the list after some prior struggling.

Im facing the need to distribute a python installation folder and
interpreter in a shared network drive.

Im also distributing the application's source code that would lie also in
another network drive.

For this, my attempts have gone towards replicating the python installation
folder created after installing python27 in one machine and copy all the
files and directories to the network drive. After that, copied the
python27.dll of the C:/Windows/System32 file and set all the
Python27/lib;Python27/DLLs/Python27/Scripts....... to the PATH environment
variable through a launcher script.

This works on my machine and a couple others....BUT, not in some other
machines running as well windows 10 pro..... So i investigated a bit and
discovered that if i install the python27 (2.7.11 same version) in one of
those failing machines... the "ctypes.pyd" module's filesize is
different.... So i replaced the original python27 folders with those of the
new installed python and now it works on those machines..........havent
tried yet if it still works on the first ones...

Why is this behaviour? Im guessing the python27 installer generates some
dlls "on the fly" that are tied to the windows operating system...........

I dont want to create a windows executable via py2exe or
pyinstaller.......... What are the best steps to make a python interpreter
available to all windows based different machines? Am i missing something
else? What are the steps the python windows installer performs in order?