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IDLE Default Working Directory

eryk sun <eryksun at gmail.com> responded:
On 11/12/18, Christman, Roger Graydon <dvl at psu.edu> wrote:
> I looked in IDLE's own configuration menu, and didn't see anything there --
> and I fear that I might have to fight some Windows settings somewhere else
> instead.   I think this is Windows 10.

Modify the "Start in" field of the IDLE shortcut. You can use
environment variables, e.g. "%UserProfile%\Documents".

Unfortunately, since I do not have any administrative privileges, I do not think I have the ability to modify any of these shortcuts.  Nor do I know off hand how to set environment variables in a manner that would work consistently throughout the term, so that they persist for all logins.

Since this is Windows-y system, I can't just tell my students to edit a .cshrc.   Any other ideas?

Roger Christman

Pennsylvania State University