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Issue in parsing the strings in python code

On Mon, 12 Nov 2018 at 14:02, srinivasan <srinivasan.rns at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Python Experts team,
> This question might be very simple for you, As am newbie to python, could
> you please how to parse the below strings
> 1. Could you please do the needful in guiding me, that how can I extract
> the strings under the UUID column in python code in the below output (nmcli
> c show), I need to extract the UUID of "Funkloch" ie.,
> "1da7d068-4548-4446-bf88-a440e49db1b1" for "TYPE" wifi and device "wlp1s0"
> and return this string ("1da7d068-4548-4446-bf88-a440e49db1b1") to the
> robotframework?

> root:~/qa/robot_tests# nmcli c show
> NAME                UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE
> Funkloch 1552     c8e1e8c0-0f25-4299-a9ae-2910cfef2ebd  wifi      wlp1s0
> Wired connection 1  2a14fbe6-58a0-3b7f-b986-5d1b36a94ec0  ethernet
> enp0s21f0u4
> Funkloch          1da7d068-4548-4446-bf88-a440e49db1b1  wifi      --
> Funkloch 10       f4d9ce13-aab0-4485-9929-6070ad52a196  wifi      --
> Funkloch 100      8b48a220-1754-4988-84ad-d0f83a9b4ede  wifi      --
> 2. Similarly, As I need to verify whether the DEVICE "wlp1s0" is connected
> to "Funkloch" or not? could you please help me, how can I extract the
> "connected" status under "STATE column for DEVICE "wlp1s0" and CONNECTION
> "Funkloch 1552"
> root:~/qa/robot_tests# nmcli dev
> enp0s21f0u4  ethernet  connected    Wired connection 1
> wlp1s0       wifi      connected    Funkloch 1552
> enp2s0       ethernet  unavailable  --
> sit0         iptunnel  unmanaged    --
> lo           loopback  unmanaged    --
> Kindly do the needful as am trying this from past two 2 days, still no
> clues
> Many thanks in advance
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You can look into textfsm parser for the same, it was released specifically
for this purpose of parsing CLI outputs.
It should be the ideal solution for your scenario since I see some rows in
your cli output which have spaces in the same column, so a hardcoded index
after splitting each line on spaces will not work out.