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Good editor for python

 ????? People rave about Jupyter Notebooks, which reportedly allow you 
to mix narrative with code describing what you are doing and why.

 ????? I primarily program in R, and RMarkdown Documents in RStudio 
allow me to mix narrative with R and Python code.? I explain what I'm 
doing and why, then write "```{python}" ... "```" to encapsulate a 
Python code snippet and "```{r}" ... "```" for an R code snippet. Or I 
just use the Idle editor that comes with Python.

 ????? Someone suggested that Apache Zeppelin? and / or BeakerX might be 
able to do this also, but I've not tried or verified them.

 ????? Spencer Graves

On 2018-11-11 08:11, Andrew Z wrote:
> If you do scripts - emacs/vi is the way to go.
> If you need something more (like creating libraries,  classes) go with
> pycharm. It is a professionally made IDE.
> Over past 2 years ive been trying to "downgrade" myself to something with
> less belts and whistles,  but come back to it all the time.
> On the other hand , if you already use emacs - u should not need anything
> else.
> On Sun, Nov 11, 2018, 04:15 Olive <diolu.remove_this_part at bigfoot.com wrote:
>> I am not a professional programmer but I use Python regularly for custom
>> scripts (and plot with matplotlib). I have just learned VBA for Excel: what
>> I found amazing was their editor: it is able to suggest on the spot all the
>> methods an object support and there is a well-integrated debugger. I wonder
>> if something similar exists for Python. For now I just use emacs with the
>> command line pdb. What do people use here? Ideally I would like to have
>> something that is cross platform Windows/Linux.
>> Olivier
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