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Good editor for python

Il 11/11/2018 10:14, Olive ha scritto:
> I am not a professional programmer but I use Python regularly for custom scripts (and plot with matplotlib). I have just learned VBA for Excel: what I found amazing was their editor: it is able to suggest on the spot all the methods an object support and there is a well-integrated debugger. I wonder if something similar exists for Python. For now I just use emacs with the command line pdb. What do people use here? Ideally I would like to have something that is cross platform Windows/Linux.
> Olivier
 ??? I use eclipse with pydev (the liclipse bundle, really, that is not 
free and is made up by the pydev author): it's multi platform and really 
powerful (but probably not the simple one to use or setup). Is 
constantly updated and lets you works with different interpreters, 
different python version or different virtualenved python (yiu can have 
a project made with python 2.7, another one with python 3.7 and gtk 3, 
another one with the same 3.7 python but different libraries and so on.

 ??? The liclipse installer is simpler to deploy (for window is a single 
.exe file) and you can use it freely for 30 day to see if the system 
suits your need: at the end you can choose to buy it or switch to the 
Eclipse/Pydev and configure/install the stuff you need: git or svn 
extension to work with your version control system, install dBeaver in 
Eclipse (or in Liclipse) to work with database in the same environment 
you use for programming, ...

 ??? There are also some other IDE that I don't use directly but I see 
when I worked with other python developers, namely PyCharm & Wing IDE

 ??? For windows only there are some Visual Studio extension to work 
with Python (if you are used to Microsoft stuff this can be easier) and 
also the Microsoft VS Code editor (this should be multi platform) has 
the python extensions with intellisense but I never used them (I started 
to use Python before this stuff came out).

 ??? With best regards

 ??? Daniele Forghieri