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how to replace line on particular line in file[no need to write it back whole file again]

On 2018-10-13, Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at ix.netcom.com> wrote:

> 	However -- my point was that those formats were supported natively at
> the OS level, not some language utility library working on top of the basic
> streams.
> 	A more recent (my age shows) example would be the features in DEC VMS
> Record Management Services. Again the format was handled at the system
> service level by any language -- stream, fixed length with counts, ISAM...

Yep, and when writing C programs under VMS, you had to pay attention
to which of the underlying file "formats" you were dealing with.  Only
the "stream" format worked the way that a Unix user expected.  ISTR
that "stream" wasn't commonly used by programs written in other
languages (e.g. Fortran).  I think "varible length record" was the one
that I most often ran into.  But, it's been a _long_ time since I
worked with VMS (almost 30 years)...