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snakify issues

5:50 AM Dec 8, 2016 a post was made to this list - subject "Snakify - 
free introductory Python online course with exercises"

Recently I was engaged by a student seeking help with some of the 
exercises. I found a number of issues at the snakify web site. Thus 
began a conversation between me and the Site Maintainer Here is the latest:

On 9/28/2018 1:02 PM, Vitaly Pavlenko wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Thanks for your email. I?d be very happy if you could describe what 
> sort of issues were you running into.
I drafted a rather lengthy reply which I sent to you on October 1. I 
have not received any response.

Did you get it? Was it helpful? I don't see any changes of the website. 
Please let me know.

As I continue to assist my student I run into more and more issues. I 
will be glad to send them after I hear from you. Examples:
- misspelled words
- unclear statements
- information missing from tracebacks
- no way to interrupt an infinite loop.

My worst fear is that the list was overwhelming or seen as trivia or 
nit-pickingl. I have had other publishers refuse to talk to me after I 
had pointed out legitimate concerns. I don't understand that, but it 

Bob Gailer