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Encounter issues to install Python


Welcome to the list - before we can help you, we need some more 
information :

  * What Operating system are you using - Windows/Mac/Linux/Raspberry
    Pi/Android for something else ?
  * What command or installer did you use to try to install Python.
  * What issues did you have during installation - if any ?
  * What interface are you trying to access, and how are you doing that ?
  * Do you get error messages?

Unless you tell us what the problem is we can't possibly help.

On 08/10/18 20:21, Olivier Oussou via Python-list wrote:
> Hi!I downloaded and installed python 3.6.4 (32-bit) on my computer but I have problems and can not access the python interface.
> I need your technical assistance to solve this matter.
> Best regard!
> Olivier OUSSOUMedical entomologist, Benin

Anthony Flury
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