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ESR "Waning of Python" post

On 2018-10-12, Peter J. Holzer <hjp-python at hjp.at> wrote:
> Neil Cerutti said:
>> I imagine that if I stuck with Go long enough I'd develop a
>> new coding style that didn't inolve creating useful data
>> types.
> I haven't used Go for any real project yet (that may change
> next year - we'll see whether I love it or hate it), but I
> don't see why you wouldn't create useful data types in your Go
> programs. Go isn't object-oriented, but that doesn't make its
> type system useless (I've certainly created lots of useful data
> types in C).

Yeah, my comment was fairly flippant. It isn't that you can't
make new data types in Go, it's that you can't transparently use
Go's syntax facilities with them. In Python (and C++), if the
language provides a facility, my datatype can usually take direct
advantage of it, e.g., for loops or iterators. I didn't stick
around long enough to get used to the restrictions on this in Go.

Neil Cerutti