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Overwhelmed by the Simplicity of Python. Any Recommendation?

Hi everyone,

Since this is my first post to mail-list I'm kind of hesitant to ask this
question here but as many of you spend years working with Python maybe some
of you can guide me.

What I trouble with is not a logical error that exist on a program I wrote.
It's the Python itself. Well, I'm 22 years old CS student -from Turkey- and
what they showed us at university was C Language and Java but I mainly use
C in school projects etc. So it's been few months that I started to use
Python for my personal side-projects. There are lots of resources to learn
language. I do what I need to do with Python too but I was kinda shocked
when I solve Python questions at Hackerrank. Even with list comprehensions
you can implement in very smart way to get things done and easy.
Iterations, string operations. The codes I see on the Internet using basics
in a very clever way which I couldn't come up with the same solution if I
tried to for some time. I do understand this ways but coming from ANSI C
makes it hard to see this flexibility. I probably do things in a both
inefficient and hard way in my projects.

How do I get used to this? Is this just another "practice, practice,
practice" situation? Anything you can recommend?

All the best.