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Problems installing RStudio from Anaconda Navigator

 ????? I clicked "Install" for "RStudio 1.1.456" in Anaconda Navigator 
1.9.2 under Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.? It said "Installing application 
RStudio" for over 30 minutes.? It looked stuck.

 ????? Then I read a GitHub post that said, "On the environments tab 
create a new R/Python3.5 environment", then install RStudio into that 
new environment.[1]

 ????? So I killed the RStudio install and looked at the "Environments 
tab".? I'm new to Anaconda Navigator, and I didn't know what I was 
looking at so decided to ask here.

 ????? Suggestions?

 ????? Thanks,
 ????? Spencer Graves

p.s.? I do not currently have RStudio installed on that machine.? On a 
macOS 10.13.6 machine, I have have RStudio 1.2.792 on a macOS 10.13.6.? 
Anaconda Navigator 1.9.2 on my Mac fails to recognize the existing and 
more recent installation of RStudio 1.2.792 there. Should I, e.g., try 
to "Import" that existing RStudio installation?

[1] https://github.com/conda/conda/issues/4204