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From Mathematica to Jypyter

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 10:09 AM Thomas Jollans <tjol at tjol.eu> wrote:
> On 10/10/2018 23:32, Gregory Ewing wrote:
> > Rhodri James wrote:
> >>> I'm a great fan of erroneous spelling and this blog needs a spelling
> >>> check as this quote shows
> >>>
> >>> "Mathematica exemplifies the horde of new Vandals whose pursuit of
> >>> private gain threatens a far greater pubic loss?the collapse of
> >>> social systems that took centuries to build."
> >>
> >> OK, colour me confused.  The only spelling mistake I can spot in that
> >> is in the subject line of this thread.  What am I missing?
> >
> > Presumably Romer meant that it was a loss suffered by everyone,
> > but that's not quite what he wrote.
> Sure it is. He's contrasting *private* gain with *public* loss. If there
> is any ambiguity here it is whether there is a threat *of* a public
> loss, or *to* a public loss ^_^

Now read the quote again, very VERY carefully.

The human brain is very good at ignoring insignificant errors.

(The troll brain is very good at pointing out insignificant errors.)