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Observations on the List - "Be More Kind"

On 10/9/18 12:10 AM, jfong at ms4.hinet.net wrote:
> I am wondering the role of the moderator.
> Does he own the server or pay the bill? Where he get the power to suspending people? Is he a police or judge? Can he shoot someone just because he has any reason?
> What will happen if his power was limited? Will the forum be end in disorder? No, I don't think so. We are mature enough to keep it running.
> --Jach

Moderators are generally appointed by those who do 'pay the bill' for
the mailing list they are moderators for, and serve at their pleasure.
Mailing List are generally 'private property', though often made open to
the public for general use. The owners of that property, generally have
rights to establish rules for the public to use that property (perhaps
somewhat constrained by whatever laws are applicable at the physical
location that the mailing list server, owner or moderator resides at).

Shoot, as in physically, generally no such right; metaphorically, as in
sever discipline in list operations, generally yes, though perhaps
limited from some grounds based on applicable Laws.