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Python indentation (3 spaces)

On 10/6/2018 3:47 PM, C W Rose via Python-list wrote:
> Ryan Johnson <rj.amdphreak at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The point that OP is trying to make is that a fixed standard that is
>> distinguishable from the even-spacing Tab-length convention in code and
>> text editors will establish a level of trust between the end developer and
>> upstream developers or co-developers who may not have the same development
>> environment. For example, the first Python library I ever tried to use was
>> poorly maintained and had spaces on one line with tabs on the next, and the
>> author mixed naming conventions and syntax from Python 2 and 3 in his code.
>> That type of experience doesn?t exactly instill trust in the coding
>> language?s standards, when a noob tries to use a library they found and
>> ends up having to debug weird errors with weirder error messages on the
>> first project they do.
> The view of the Python Gods (TM) is that significant whitespace make
> Python much easier to use, particularly for the inexperienced.

This seems completely irrelevant to Ryan's comment, which was about 
mixing whitespace, not eliminating it.

> If you disagree, then use another language.

Given the absence of any complaint about using whitespace, this seems 
rude.  Did you actually read what Ryan wrote?

> (Leibnitz had some snappy phrases on the subject of Theodicy, which
> explain the matter clearly.)

How it this a response to the Python style question?

Terry Jan Reedy