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Observations on the List - "Be More Kind"


I completely agree; it is worth everyone remember that we are all here 
(even the moderators) as volunteers; we are here because either we want 
to ask questions, or we want to learn, or we want to help.

We do need to remember that the moderators is here to be nasty or 
because of a power trip - they are here to help, and they are volunteers.

Part of the really important thing about Python is the community and 
this list is a critical part of that community.; lets keep it that way 
please :-)

Anthony Flury
*Email* : anthony.flury at btinternet.com <mailto:Anthony.flury at btinternet.com>
*Twitter* : @TonyFlury <https://twitter.com/TonyFlury/>

On 05/10/18 11:22, Bruce Coram wrote:
> I will declare at the outset, I am a lurker.? I don't know enough 
> about Python to give advice that I could 100% guarantee would be helpful.
> There have been two recent threads that summarise for me where the 
> Python Mailing List has lost its way (and this started before Trump 
> arrived as a new role model for how to treat your fellow man):
> "Re: This thread is closed [an actual new thread]"
> "Re: So apparently I've been banned from this list"
> The level of vitriol and personal attacks on the moderators was 
> profoundly disappointing, but not totally out of character for those 
> who made the attacks.? There is no doubt that these people know 
> software and Python and this certainly earns my respect,? but perhaps 
> they need to retain a sense of perspective.? There are 7 billion 
> people in the world.? There are plenty more people at least as good as 
> you and many better, but they don't have the compelling urge to 
> demonstrate their genius.? They get on with their work in a quiet 
> professional manner.
> Some humility in acknowledging that you stand on the shoulders of 
> giants would not go amiss.? It might also reflect that you understand 
> the good fortune that dealt you such a good hand in life.
> You aren't always right, and you don't always have to insist on being 
> right.? I found Steve D'Aprano always had to have the last word and 
> had to prove he was right.? I found some of his posts to be 
> intemperate in tone.
> Why is there a need to score points with caustic remarks or throwaway 
> comments?? Perhaps the person who posed his question should have read 
> the documents, perhaps he should have searched the archives.? Tell 
> them so politely and firmly.? If you cannot manage that then why say 
> anything?? Not everyone who posts a poorly prepared question is idle 
> and deserves a response that is less than polite.? Prepare a 
> boilerplate standard reply that is polite for those questions that are 
> easily resolved by the poster.
> Perhaps the person who posts something you regard as nonsense is 
> ignorant and lacks the knowledge they think they possess.? Instead of 
> wasting your time with scholastic debate, put the time to good use 
> improving your education in subjects you don't excel at.? I can 
> guarantee the depth of your ignorance will be profound - there will be 
> much for you to learn.? The effort some of you put in to the endless 
> debates suggests that you have plenty of time on your hands - don't 
> waste it.? It will be gone soon enough.
> Don't waste time on the trolls, some of whom undoubtedly enjoy the 
> ability to provoke a response.? Develop a greater sense of self 
> awareness to enable you to recognise that you are being played. The 
> intemperate tone of some of the exchanges damages the reputation of 
> the List.
> Life is hard enough without us adding to it.? Try silence as a response.
> Listen to Frank Turner's latest album: "Be More Kind".?? That is not a 
> plug to buy the album, but the title seems apposite - and the music is 
> good.
> Regards
> Bruce Coram