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Program to find Primes of the form prime(n+2) * prime(n+1) - prime(n) +- 1.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 6:13:01 PM UTC-5, Rick Johnson wrote:
> Musatov wrote:
> > I am drafting a sequence for OEIS.
> And, have you tried your hand at any Python code yet? Or any
> tutorials?
I am reading this: https://doc.lagout.org/programmation/python/Beginning%20Programming%20with%20Python%20for%20Dummies%20%5BMueller%202014-09-22%5D.pdf
> > I was told Python was most accessible for beginners.
> And you were told correctly! 
> However, be warned that if you happen to become the next
> victim of one of our overzealous hall monitors[1], there is
> probably very little i can do to help you -- except, perhaps
> -- to inform you that switching to the "comp.lang.python"
> newsgroup (accessible from GoogleGroups or any Usenet
> newsreader) will ensure that at least ~some~ of us will see
> your messages.
> Since GvR has resigned, the community has been in something
> of a turmoil. And for some reason -- thus far unbeknownst to
> me, but soon to be unearth by brute force if necessary! --
> the moderators have gone bad-guano crazy and are purging
> members who have been sacrificing blood, sweat and tears
> for, oh... i dunno... *DECADES*!!! Thus, to say that i'm
> both saddened and angered by the current state of affairs,
> would be an understatement.
> At this point I'm not sure how ugly this battle may
> become...
> But, i can tell you one thing with absolute certainty...
> The people who have invested their lives into this language
> and this community, and for all of these many years, are not
> about to stand idle as a few hijackers move-in and destroy
> everything we've known, experienced and loved about this
> community and this language.
I saw it finally made #3! Congrats to the community.

> Yes, Guido is gone. And no, i cannot be sure if he will ever
> return. But for those of us who _remain_, the fire of
> passion still burns in each of our hearts for the little
> language that we love so dearly -- AND I'LL BE *DAMNED*! --
> if some puny, little hall-monitor *PUNK*, is going to come
> in here and destroy -- with snobbish flicks of his harry
> potter wand! -- *ALL* of the blood, sweat and tears that
> have been *SACRIFICED* on the alters of progress for a
> idealist dream that this little peon wretch couldn't even
> fathom!
> @Ethan Furman: The window for civility is quickly closing.
> You, and you _ALONE_, have the power to reverse this toxic
> course and sail our ship back into calmer waters before we
> have ourselves an outright *MUTINY*. I have called upon the
> members of this community to voice their frustrations with
> your Captain-Bligh-inspired leadership, and, as a result,
> your name and reputation have suffered greatly. However,
> there is still time, should you choose to harness it, to ask
> for forgiveness and right these wrongs. But i must remind
> you, that haste is of the essence. For the hour is late.
> THE. HOUR. IS... *LATE*!
> [1] And be particularly cautious around one who's name
> sort-of-rhymes with: "Eatin' Turdcan".