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python not working on RHEL6

Thomas Jollans wrote:
> On 02/10/2018 19:22, Dan Purgert wrote:
>> Thomas Jollans wrote:
>>> [...] (preferably, not in /usr - that's for OS-installed files only.
>>> /usr/local is a nice place to put things you installed from source).
>> While I agree that /usr(/bin) is incorrect, I believe that "for
>> OS-installed files only" is taking it a bit far.
>> My (admittedly, dim) recollection of the FHS is that the /usr hierarchy
>> is for static[1] "user" binaries, libraries, and so on; while being
>> OS-agnostic (so long as that OS followed the FHS).
>>  [...]
> You're not wrong, but there's still a fairly strong convention that 
> /usr/{bin,lib*,share,include} are only populated by (in some sense) 
> non-essential components of the OS only, with varying definitions of 
> "the OS". On Linux, this tends to mean "everything managed by the 
> package manager", while on *BSD, it tends to exclude extra packages and 
> ports collection.
> Whether we agree on the terminology here or not, of course we can agree 
> that you have to be bloody careful if you *do* decide to put things in 
> /usr/bin yourself :-)

I really have to get better at transferring thoughts to text.  Maybe
some day I can write a tool for this :).

How's this for a take two:
  While I agree that /usr(/bin) is incorrect, I believe that "for
  OS-installed files _only_" is taking it a bit far.

  Perhaps a better comment would've been "preferably not in /usr - it 
  is RECOMMENDED[1] to reserve that for OS-installed files"  

  (the bit where I referenced the FHS ...)

  [1] See RFC2119

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