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How to change '\\' to '\'

On 10/01/2018 11:10 PM, Christian Gollwitzer wrote:
> Am 02.10.18 um 04:17 schrieb Jach Fong:

>> It was supposed that most discussant want to see the reply message
>> instantly when they open the mail. They already know what is going on
>> and no need to pass through all those previous message. "top posting"
>> seems more reasonable to me:-)
> You assume that everybody who reads it has already read all the previous 
> discussion. That may be true in a private discussion, but on Usenet 
> often people scan over the postings and don't recall all the details.

Even for two-person, private email discussions I prefer the interleaved 
replies -- in a week when I have to remind myself what was discussed it 
is much easier to comprehend.

> Also, "intermixed posting" makes it easier to reply to several points 
> individually. You should shorten the quote to the releveant bit that 
> your reply belongs to.

Yes.  It is extremely annoying when someone top posts and leaves the 
entire rest of the discussion still attached at the bottom.