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This thread is closed (was: [OT] master/slave debate in Python)

Ethan Furman <ethan at stoneleaf.us> writes:

> This thread is closed.

Coming from a moderator of this forum, I don't know how that statement
is to be interpreted.

Is that a statement that it is *impossible* (mechanically) to post
replies in this thread? Across the different technologies that propogate
this forum?

If not impossible, is that a statement that it is *strictly prohibited*,
by a forum moderator, to post replies in this thread?

If prohibited, what are we to expect are the consequences of breaching
that prohibition, knowingly or unknowingly?

How is any of the above affected by posting in the same thread but on a
different metter, as I have done?

How is any of the above affected by changing the Subject field, as I
have done?

If there is some specific formal meaning to the above statement, I don't
know where it's documented. If it's not a specific formal statement,
that is itself troubling, because it's not clear what would constitute a
violation nor what the consequences are.

Ethan, I thank you for doing the fraught work of a moderator of this
forum. Hopefully we can get clarity on this and future thread-closing
actions, separate from the thread which prompted this instance.

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