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So apparently I've been banned from this list

On 09/30/2018 09:30 AM, Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> Notwithstanding Ethan's comment about having posted the suspension notice
> on the list, I see no sign that he actually did so.

My apologies to you and the list.  I did indeed only send the notice to 
the other moderators.

Contrary to what you and others may believe, banning/suspending people 
is not a gleeful, stress-free activity.  None of us like to do it.  Also 
contrary to what you and others seem to believe, I did not make those 
decisions by myself.

As far as challenging the ban, I think the first step would be talking 
to the CoC working group:

   conduct-wg at python.org

If you don't like that answer, the next (and final, as far as I'm aware) 
stop would be the PSF.

I have updated the filter that should be catching your posts, so 
hopefully the suspension is now working properly.  Since you did choose 
to ignore the ban, the two-month period restarts now.

Python List Moderator