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How to change '\\' to '\'

On 2018-10-01 17:19:25 +0800, Jach Fong wrote:
> Sure the forward slash is better, not to cause this confusion.
> But I am curious, since when, I mean, since which version
> Windows start to accept forward slash?

Since MS-DOS 2.0, i.e., before Windows even existed. Note that this is
only true for system call paraeters[1], not for command line parameters. 

So for your use case:

> > > > I want to use this "string" in a subprocess command as a parameter.

you probably need to use backslashes, not forward slashes (it depends on
the program you are calling).


[1] And even there not always, as I've learned from the resident Windows
    expert on this list.

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