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[OT] master/slave debate in Python

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 8:47 AM Thomas Jollans <tjol at tjol.eu> wrote:
> On 25/09/18 20:57, Chris Angelico wrote:
> >
> > Is it off-topic because it's nothing to do with Python, or is it
> > actually off-topic because it makes you afraid that people won't be
> > bullied by the SJW brigade?
> I have to say I find these unspecified attacks on "SJWs" rather
> disturbing. Assuming for a moment that "SJW" is a viable insult (that's
> the way you appear to be using it, though I wouldn't use it myself, in
> that way or probably at all) -

Yes, it's an insult. It's the people who believe that they can cure
social problems by making demands, usually about the trappings rather
than the actual problems. For example, excising the terms "master" and
"slave" from documentation, rather than actually doing anything about
real slavery where it still happens. Or demanding that we talk about
"persons of colour" or whatever the latest term is, rather than
actually treating people equally.

> Who is the "SJW brigade" of whom you speak?
> Is it Victor? Surely not.
> Guido? No, right?
> e
> Victor's anonymous source? Isn't that a bit harsh, considering you know
> nothing about them?

What I know about them is that they (and I am assuming there are
multiple people, because there are reports of multiple reports, if
that makes sense) are agitating for changes to documentation without
any real backing.

I'm also talking about an anonymous person who caused *me* personal
harm by the exact same thing. I won't go into details because the
person wouldn't go into details about the offense I had purportedly
done, so I'm going to leave this as a vague and meaningless thing,
just like I was given... except that when I was given it, it came with
a punishment.

> Some unspecified possible future threat? Now this seems more likely, but
> it's also rather silly, don't you think?

The current threat is extremely likely to be continued in the future,
yes, and it's not silly to assume that it will.