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[OT] master/slave debate in Python

On 25/09/18 20:57, Chris Angelico wrote:
> Is it off-topic because it's nothing to do with Python, or is it
> actually off-topic because it makes you afraid that people won't be
> bullied by the SJW brigade?

I have to say I find these unspecified attacks on "SJWs" rather 
disturbing. Assuming for a moment that "SJW" is a viable insult (that's 
the way you appear to be using it, though I wouldn't use it myself, in 
that way or probably at all) -

Who is the "SJW brigade" of whom you speak?

Is it Victor? Surely not.

Guido? No, right?
Victor's anonymous source? Isn't that a bit harsh, considering you know 
nothing about them?

Some unspecified possible future threat? Now this seems more likely, but 
it's also rather silly, don't you think?

All the best,

PS: I'm not a great fan of it, but I think we all know that off-topic is 
in a way what this list excels at.