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PyLint and Mypy real-time (and on-demand) code inspection from within PyCharm/IDEA

Hello there,

I am the developer of pylint-pycharm and mypy-pycharm, two plugins
providing both real-time and on-demand scanning of Python files with
PyLint/Mypy from within PyCharm/IDEA.

The real-time code inspection works automatically the same way like the
PyCharm's build-in PEP8 check (you see the issues highlighted directly in
your code while typing).

The on-demand inspection has several options that go from just scanning the
current file to scan the entire project.

The plugins also offer an option to run a check on modified files before a
VCS checkin.

If you are familiar with Checkstyle-IDEA plugin for Java, they are very
similar and offer the same features (and share a lot of the code).

The plugins source code is available here:

But they can also be easily installed from the official JetBrains Plugin
1. In PyCharm, open the Settings/Preferences dialog (CTRL+Alt+S), click
2. Click Browse repositories.
3. In the Browse Repositories dialog that opens, right-click on the plugin
named "Pylint" or "Mypy" and select Download and Install.
4. Confirm your intention to download and install the selected plugin.
5. Click Close.
6. Click OK in the Settings dialog and restart PyCharm for the changes to
take effect.

Thanks and enjoy linting!