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transform a "normal" decorator in one for async functions

Il giorno marted? 18 settembre 2018 17:15:22 UTC+2, Thomas Jollans ha scritto:

> > but I cannot rewrite this library.
> Perhaps not, but surely you can write your own decorator that does
> whatever this library's decorator does for async functions? Presumably
> you have the code...

well, maybe? While I could have access to the sources, I don't want to "maintain" (part of) this library.
Worst even if I need to maintain it in my project, and not upstream.

> > is there a way to "convert" a "normal" decorator in one that can handle async functions?
> In general? No.


I'm new to the "async" world, but so this mean that all of the (appliable) decorators present in the various libraries have to be "paired" with async versions?