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giving error during installation (ez_setup.py given error could not create ssl/tls secure channel)

Syed Shujaat <syed.shujjat88 at hotmail.com> writes:
> can you please help regarding this problem. ez_setup.py given error could not create ssl/tls secure channel

Apparently, "ez_setup.py" tries to upgrade a transport communication channel
with SSL (= "Secure Socket Layer") or TLS (= "Transport Layer Security")
and fails.

Unfortunately, this may have many possible causes -- among others:

 * it may be a temporary problem on the server side
   (and go away automatically after perhaps an hour, a day)

 * the trusted certificate information on your host may be missing
   or outdated; as a consequence, the server certificate presented
   during SSL/TSL negociation could not be verified

 * the "ez_setup.py" may be too old and its connection information

 * ...

What can you do? Each potential cause requires cause specific action.

Temporary problem: retry after some time (an hour, a day). If the error
persists, it is likely not a temporary problem.

Trusted certificate information: it is usually stored at a central place on your host and shared by all applications. If you install a browser, it typically comes with up-to-date trusted certificate information.

Up-to-date "ez_Setup.py": are you sure, you are using an up-to-date
"ez_Setup.py". If not, search and download an up-to-date one.