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Copy constructor and assignment operator

I have created below code and i want to restrict an object copy.
What are the methods called for copy constructor and assignment operator? Basically i don't want to allow below operation.

p = Point(1,3)
p2 = Point(6,7)

=> How to disallow below operations?
p = p2

Please point out a documentation for the same if available.

class Point:

        def _init_(self, x = 0, y = 0):
                self.x = x
                self.y = y

        def _str_(self):
                return "({0},{1})".format(self.x,self.y)

        def _repr_(self):
                return "({0},{1})".format(self.x,self.y)

        def _call_(self,other):
                self.x = other.x
                self.y = other.y

        def _setattr_(self, name, value):