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Python for System Verilog testbench

Hi George

WOW!  thanks for the reply and specially thanks for using the word 'BDD'. I
read the articles regarding BDD the whole day and understood the concepts.
Now will get this Pytest test framework with pytest bdd plugin. I found out
it follows this Gherkin syntax. Then I read about this Gherkin synatx. It
also looks good specially for Verilog. Maybe the syntax I was following
earlier is too complicated.

Some more questions regarding this:

- I read that there are other Python framweorks also
for BDD like 'behave'. What do you suggest as a beginner is Pytest-bdd is
easier or 'behave' ?

- If I am able to successfully map the requirements in pytest-bdd following
this Gherkins syntax, in the end what we get is Python code. To proceed
further, will I have to use Python to Verilog parser for the final Verilog
kind of structure?

On Friday, September 14, 2018, George Fischhof <george at fischhof.hu> wrote:
> Bobby <italienisch1987 at gmail.com> ezt ?rta (id?pont: 2018. szept. 14., P
>> I have a very simple System Verilog (SV) adder as my DUT (device under
test). I would like to  generate a test bench for this DUT based on the
'requirements'. I wrote its  (DUT) functions in simple text as
'requirements' while following a particular syntax. Now through  the help
of grammar, I would like to give the requirement input to the grammar.
>> Questions:
>>  (1)     Considering my end goal, i.e. to generate some particular parts
>>          SV testbench from requirements, any good python parser
available ?
>>  (2)     If I use python parser, will any kind of python scripting will
help me to generate the testbench in SV for my DUT ? My confusion at this
point is that most of all the literature I am reading suggests linguistic
techniques. Any non-linguistic technique ?
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>> https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/python-list
> Hi,
> Perhaps you should check articles about BDD,  and you can use PyTest test
framework with pytest-bdd plugin
> __george__