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fsxNet Usenet gateway problem again

On 2018-09-06 18:03:19 +0200, Thomas Jollans wrote:
> I love that the reposted messages come with a header
> Path: uni-berlin.de!<...>!.POSTED.agency.bbs.nz!not-for-mail
>                                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This is normal for Usenet Messages. The format of the path header is the
same as that of UUCP mail addresses and in the early days of Usenet you
could actually use the path as the mail address of the sender in many
cases. This stopped working when UUCP was replaced by NNTP as the
transport protocol, so servers added "not-for-mail" at the end instead
of the username to prevent people from (ab)using the path as a mail


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