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Hi I'm trying to get live data from stock using python , is it possible?

Skip Montanaro writes:
> > I want to know if AAPL is more than value 300 and if it does I want it to send to me mail with gmail :) . thanks for the help..
> Try searching pypi.org for "finance", then scroll through the many
> returned packages. A few show how to get stock data from Yahoo! or
> Google.

Yahoo and Google both used to offer APIs for financial data, and
matplotlib (later moved into a separate module, mpl_finance) used to
have a Python wrapper around Yahoo's API; but Yahoo shut their
financial API down in mid-2017 and Google followed suit soon after. See:

The comments include links to a lot of possible alternatives.
Most of them require API keys and some charge a fee.
You should probably try several to find out which works best
for you, and expect to update your code every year or two as
financial quote services seem to come and go.