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virtualenv and ubuntu

On 2018-08-28 07:26, stone.zhong at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi there,
> Sorry if the question is naive, I am on Ubuntu 16.04 with Python 3.5.2, now I want to use virtualenv, I noticed there are two ways to get virtualenv installed:
> 1) do "sudo apt-get install virtualenv"
> 2) do "pip3 install virtualenv"
> What is the preferred way to install virtualenv?
> Thanks,
> Stone

Hi Stone-

The 'virtualenv' tool is superseded in Python 3.3+ by the 'venv' module
in the standard library.

Ubuntu 16.04 does not have this installed by default; you can install it
with 'sudo apt-get install python3-venv'. After that, you can create a
virtual environment with 'python3 -m venv'.