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regex pattern to extract repeating groups

On 26/08/2018 00:55, Malcolm wrote:
> I am trying to understand why regex is not extracting all of the 
> characters between two delimiters.
> The complete string is the xmp IFD data extracted from a .CR2 image file.
> I do have a work around, but it's messy and possibly not future proof.
Do you mean future proof your workaround or Cannon's .CR2 raw image 
files might change? I guess .CR2's won't change but Cannon have brought 
out the new .CR3 raw image file for which I needed to upgrade my photo 
editing suit (at least I didn't but used their tool to convert .CR3s 
from the camera to the digital negative format which many photo editors 
can handle.) Can send you sample .CR3 if you want to compare.