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Generating a specific list of intsgers

On 8/26/18 4:20 PM, Musatov wrote:
> My understanding is this: there are an infinite number of n's that are not multiples of three, and yet will always be divisible by at least one of 22 primes for all values of k.
> i.e. certain n values make the equation produce only composite numbers for all values of k.

But that isn't enough to make the function computable. While we may be
able to have some short cut rules to tell us that for SOME n, the answer
is 0, unless we can answer that question for ALL n, we can't be sure to
compute the answer. If we could compute an upper limit for k given n,
then we could do the computation, but we need to have some rule to stop,
or there may be some values of n that we will loop forever on.

As has been said, this problem is still in the domain of needing some
math to give us the rule to compute with.

Richard Damon