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Writing a program to illustrate a fractal

On 8/26/18 12:48 PM, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
>> The sequence is defined by:
>> For 1 <= n <= 3, a(n) = n; thereafter, a(2n) = a(n) + a(n+1), a(2n-1) = a(n) + a(n-2).
> 	Confusing explanation -- do you really mean that for n>=4 you are
> returning TWO values? If so, it is not a strict function. I'd also write it
> as

I think they intend that a(n) is defined for n being an integer (or
maybe just the Natural Numbers, since it isn't defined for values below 1)

The two provided definitions provide the recursive definition for even
and odd values.

I am not sure what 'fractal' property this sequence has that he wants to