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Project Structure for Backend ETL Project

On 8/21/2018 11:46 AM, Jeff M wrote:
> Is this a good example to follow for a project that does mostly python to interact with external data sources including files, transformation, and import into Postgres?
> https://github.com/bast/somepackage

AFAIK, the recommendations in the README are a plausible beginning. 
Some of them obviously depend on programming philosophy and tyle. 
Depending on your background (other languages), you might prefer 
unittest to pytest.  You might prefer another code checker to pycodestyle.

> I have a SWE background but not with python, and I want to make sure my team is following good practices.

I think the most important 'good practice' is rigorous testing, with  at 
least the basics repeated with every commit.

   I am aware of pep8 but does that have project structure examples also?

If you intend to use github, I would look at a few other packages on github.

Terry Jan Reedy