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Python Information Form

Suman Mupparapu <kiteesb4u at gmail.com> writes:
> Working on a creating a small information form ..and encountering issues
> when trying to edit the details using Python Flask and MYSQL DB.
> Placed the code below for your reference. Please help to fix this issue.
> Let me know if you need any other details from my end.

You need to describe precisely which issues you have encountered.
And as this is a text only forum, images may not be available
for most of us (as already noted by someone else). This implies
that your description must be textual.

As a general note: to understand errors, the traceback information
is of great help. Python supports tracebacks for (uncaught) exceptions.
You might find such tracebacks potentially on the error page itself,
potentially in a log file (written by your Web application framework).
Not all errors are indicated by an exception -- thus, they may not
be a traceback in your specific case: ideally, the error recognizing
component should in this case provide an understandable error description.