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How to multiply dictionary values with other values based on the dictionary's key?

On Sun, 19 Aug 2018 03:15:32 -0700, giannis.dafnomilis wrote:

> Thank you MRAB!
> Now I can get the corresponding dictionary value A[i,j,k,l] for each key
> in the varsdict dictionary.
> However how would I go about multiplying the value of each
> FEq_(i,_j,_k,_l) key with the A[i,j,k,l] one? Do you have any insight in
> that?

Do you want to modify the varsdict values in place?

varsdict['Feq_(i,_j,_k,_l)'] *= A[i,j,k,l]

which is a short-cut for this slightly longer version:

temp = varsdict['Feq_(i,_j,_k,_l)'] * A[i,j,k,l]
varsdict['Feq_(i,_j,_k,_l)'] = temp

If you want to leave the original in place and do something else with the 

result = varsdict['Feq_(i,_j,_k,_l)'] * A[i,j,k,l]

Steven D'Aprano
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