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How to multiply dictionary values with other values based on the dictionary's key?

I have the results of an optimization run in the form found in the following pic: https://i.stack.imgur.com/pIA7i.jpg.

How can I multiply the dictionary values of the keys FEq_(i,_j,_k,_l) with preexisting values of the form A[i,j,k,l]?

For example I want the value of key 'FEq_(0,_0,_2,_2)' multiplied with A[0,0,2,2], the value of key 'FEq_(0,_0,_4,_1)' multiplied with A[0,0,4,1] etc. for all the keys present in my specific dictionary.

I have been trying to correspondingly multiply the dictionary values in the form of 

but this is not working as the indexes do not iterate consequently over all their initial range values, they are the results of the optimization so some elements are missing. I also could not find something of a similar nature where I looked.

Thank you for the help!